Many customers prefer spray foam for several reasons.

  1. Air barrier- stops leaks and seals off the home envelope.
  2. Moisture barrier (CC only)- does not absorb moisture and outperforms other insulation materials.
  3. High R-value-Ranging from R- 3.5-7 per inch, foam has a distinct advantage in 2" X 4" and 2" X 6" framing and rafters, making renovations easier.
  4. Pest/Rodent infestations- sealing up the holes/gaps/cracks will prevent unwanted guests from infiltrating and disturbing your family.
  5. Reduced energy usage- more effective insulation will save you money in the long-term and provide more comfort.
  6. Structural strength (CC only)- adheres the walls and framing together solidly, and forms a strong bond that increases racking strength.
  7. Increases home value or resale value- a more energy efficient home is more desirable as costs continue to increase.
  8. Strong adherence and longevity- will not fall out and does not need replaced.
  9. Control indoor air quality- I have a story that might surprise you with this one.
  10. Add useful space-have a metal building or small shed that is uncomfortable to work in? Have some items that need to be stored in a controlled environment?

With all these reasons and more, is foam the best option for you?