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Don't Try to Remove Your Insulation Yourself

Request expert insulation removal services in Old Fort & Marion, NC

As your insulation gets older, it can do more harm than good to your Old Fort & Marion, NC area home-especially if you still have fiberglass insulation.

Did you know that your insulation may be:

  • Harboring pests?
  • Holding moisture inside your walls?
  • Causing a musty odor in your home?

If you're ready for safe and efficient insulation removal services, contact The Foam Guy, LLC for a thorough vac-out.

Can your home benefit from an energy audit?

Take a close look at your energy bills-if you think your home is losing energy, depend on us for an energy audit. Using a thermal camera, we'll locate the source of the energy drain and replace the faulty insulation. Then we'll compare the results from before and after the energy audit to make sure the problem is solved.

We can also coat your insulation with an ignition barrier to reduce the likelihood of a fire.

Call 828-808-6923 now to schedule insulation removal, coating or inspection services in the Old Fort & Marion, NC area.