Q: What is the difference between open and closed cell spray foam?

A: The cell structure is different and causes them to have different properties or characteristics. Each type has its own advantages and applications.

Q: Is spray foam safe?

A: Absolutely. By using quality chemicals, good dispensing equipment, and a trained sprayer, we ensure the best application and results. We are counting on a chemical reaction that does produce some odors, but is safe after a few hours, depending on ventilation.

Q: Should I do a vented or unvented attic or crawl space? Which is better?

A: This answer depends on a couple of factors and I would recommend you speak with an insulation pro to determine what options you have. I would be happy to discuss this question with you.

Q: How much can I expect it to cost to insulate my home?

A: Every home is different, but most homes can be completely insulated for between $6k-$13K. Cost per square foot can range from $1-$4 typically. This additional insulation cost upfront is usually offset from the energy savings in 3-5 years but depends on a few factors. Ask us how much you could save.

Q: Have you ever had any foam problems or customers complain about the odor?

A: Yes we have. Every company that sprays foam has had an issue at one time or another. Could be an untrained or newer sprayer, bad chemicals, or bad conditions. It is up to the installer to make sure it is done correctly. Not all issues may be noticeable right away. In most cases, an issue is quickly noticed and may require a small section to be removed and resprayed. In rare cases, a defect could be noticed a day or two later. We take full responsibility to remove any defective foam and give you 100% satisfaction. The newer chemicals are much safer, and perform better across a wider range of situations.

In the past, most issues were with spraying thick passes of closed cell foam. New technology has improved these results dramatically. The picture on the left was not taken from one of our job sites, but shows a defect in foam.